Report card: JVS receives straight A’s

By Valerie Urbanik -

Superintendent Glenn Faircloth

Superintendent Glenn Faircloth

Four A’s fill out the Lorain County JVS state report card for 2013-2014, which was released Thursday by the Ohio Department of Education.

More than 81 percent of vocational school’s students passed their technical assessments test, giving the school an A.

That result is a significant jump from the C the JVS received in the same area in 2012-2013.

“This shows we are not your same mom-and-pop education, we are a career technical education that works,” said superintendent Glenn Faircloth. “We are the best type of education for young people.”

The JVS received an almost perfect score for its student graduation rate in both four- and five-year windows, with 98.4 percent of teens graduating in four years and 99.3 percent in five.

Another A was earned in post-program outcomes, which measures the number of students who are employed, join the military, or further their education six months after leaving the JVS.

“We did a great job this year,” Faircloth said. “We continue to show this county and throughout the state that the Lorain County JVS is here to stay and offers a quality education that’s robust.”

The JVS report card is slightly different than the one received by public schools in our area such as Amherst, Firelands, Oberlin, and Wellington but the vocational school was the only one out of those five to receive straight A’s.

“This is a testament to everyone from my maintenance crew all the way up to teachers and staff,” Faircloth said.

He said the vocational school is different than a public school because it offers a different way for students to learn classroom material.

After testing, students have to put what they’ve learned into building a device, saving someone’s life, or performing first aid on a person.

An area Faircloth wants to improve on this year is the amount of money the school spends on classroom instruction, for which it received a 67 percent rating by the state.

“We want to make sure we’re able to give the students the best possible education that we can afford,” Faircloth said. “We’re always working toward that.”

He’s very excited that the school’s mission, which staff have been working on for three years, is taking shape.

The Ohio Department of Education is expected to release the 2014-2015 report card this winter.

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Superintendent Glenn Faircloth Glenn Faircloth

By Valerie Urbanik