Carson could get deal in Chemical Bank robbery case

By Jason Hawk -



A plea deal is in the works for suspected Chemical Bank robber Adam Carson.

He faces federal charges stemming from a Nov. 21 hold-up at the Cooper Foster Park Road bank in Amherst, in which he allegedly gave a teller a threatening note and escaped with $5,590.

Carson’s lawyer, Donald Butler, has asked for a pre-plea referral to weigh the defendant’s past run-ins with the law, according to records from the U.S. District Court in Cleveland.

“Defendant states that his request is not to delay the proceeding or for dilatory reason, but only for purpose of properly accessing his criminal history in light of the potential plea agreement between the parties,” the filing said.

Pre-plea reviews are typically used to determine whether there are special circumstances that would increase or lighten a sentence.

Carson’s rap sheet is extensive.

He pleaded guilty earlier this year to grand theft auto after stealing a car in Olmsted Falls. He’s been convicted of robbing a Huntington Bank in Ashtabula County, Walgreens and Third Federal Bank in Rocky River, and First Place Bank in Trumbull County.

Carson has a history of quickly pleading guilty and taking short prison terms. Federal bank robbery convictions, however, typically result in sentences of 10 to 25 years.

Maximum sentences are imposed when victims are assaulted or killed in the course of a robbery, which was not the case at Chemical Bank.

Carson was also indicted with a count of witness tampering in district court, which pushed his bank robbery trial date back to Aug. 14.

Throughout the last few months, Carson has sought to replace Butler as his lawyer, arguing that the court-appointed attorney has not properly represented his interests.

Hand-written filings by Carson accuse Butler of failing to subpoena important pieces of evidence, meet outside of court, reach out to witnesses, request additional discovery material, or return phone calls.

Carson also said his lawyer would not file a detention hearing to he could go to a rehabilitation treatment facility.

“I am fighting to proclaim my innocence and my attorney is doing absolutely nothing on my behalf,” one filing said.

Carson also claims he was more than 80 miles away from Chemical Bank when the robbery occurred.

“I didn’t commit this crime, I was nowhere near the robbery scene, and have an alibi witness,” he wrote.

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By Jason Hawk