Turley steps down as Amherst city council clerk, Sivinski returns

By Jason Hawk - jhawk@civitasmedia.com

Linda Turley resigned suddenly Friday from her post as Amherst city council clerk.

“I’m going to miss being part of the process of passing laws,” she told the News-Times.

After five years in the part-time clerk position at city hall, she has taken a full-time job as an account manager for Okamoto, a Japanese firm based locally in Sandusky.

Okamoto USA is best known for producing condoms but also engineers rubber and plastic products. Turley will be involved with sales of film used on dashboards and seats in car interiors.

After graduating from college roughly 25 years ago, Turley lived in Japan and taught English there. She still speaks conversational Japanese, a skill that she will put to use in the new job.

City council president John Dietrich said the main reason for Turley’s departure as clerk is a lack of benefits. Amherst does not provide insurance, including hospitalization, to part-time employees regardless of whether they work for council or are lifeguards at Maude Neiding Park.

He praised Turley as well-qualified and said she stood out from a pool of more than 20 candidates when former Clerk Olga Sivinski retired in 2011.

Sivinski will return to serve as clerk starting with Monday night’s council session.

Because she will take over Turley’s hours on an as-needed basis, Dietrich said he can appoint her to the position until a permanent clerk is hired.

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By Jason Hawk