Nordson installs new globe sculpture at HQ

Courtesy photos

A 10-foot-diameter globe sculpture was dedicated Monday at the Nordson Corporation headquarters in Westlake, honoring the contributions of employees past and present. Fashioned from water-jetted, anodized three-quarters-inch aluminum, it weighs 2,400 pounds and becomes a new focal point in the landscape design of the company’s headquarters, which opened in 2010. The installation was designed and donated by Richard Nord, son of company co-founder Eric Nord.

“It’s appropriate that this sculpture is a globe, as it is the unique talents and contributions of Nordson people around the world that have enabled us to grow beyond our humble beginnings in Amherst, Ohio, into a global leader in precision dispensing and fluid management,” said CEO Michael Hilton. “The sculpture helps us reflect on this success, but more importantly reminds us that the culture and values established by our founders have enabled our global employees to develop themselves and continue to be the vital essence that propels Nordson forward.”

Nordson Corporation was founded in 1954 in Amherst, where the company still operates a four-building campus employing approximately 500.