Work starts on Beaver Creek path expansion

Staff Report

Tree-clearing begins this week to make way for expansion of the Amherst Beaver Creek Metro Park trail north into Lorain.

It will be extended about 3,500 feet north of the Mercy Health and Recreation Center to end at Beaver Creek. A portion will pass along the wooded slopes of a tributary of the creek.

The trail is located within the habitat range of the Indiana bat and northern long-eared bat. Both are protected by federal law.

As part of the species’ protection, trees must be cut down prior to April 1. Doing so will minimize impacts to the bats as required by the Endangered Species Act.

There will be mounding and landscape screening installed along the path. Its alignment will be adjusted to reduce the visual impact on adjacent property owners, according to the park service.

The trail will be recessed into the hillside as opposed to on top of the hill which also provides a safe and accessible route for users.

Staff Report