FACEBOOK FEEDBACK: Your memories of Central School

With Amherst’s old Central School eyed for a possible multi-million-dollar renovation for assisted living, we asked readers on Facebook to share their memories of the building.

Robert Benson

“First kiss in that little hallway behind the stage… 1979-80. I always helped set up the cafeteria. Walked through the little hall, forgot something, turned around, and there she was… Phew.”

Deborah Sechkar

“I remember old Chrome Dome (he was probably younger than me now). The wide staircases, the rope to the ceiling in gym class and Mr. O., the ex-Marine, roughing up the ‘bad’ boys in the cafeteria. Oh and, of course, Mr. Buchanan’s woodshed. And hearing over the PA system of President Kennedy’s assassination in Mrs. Bortz’s sixth grade class. I could go on forever.”

Rod MacKay

“I remember playing for ‘sock hops’ with my band, the Back Woodsmen, on the stage. Also attending classes. It looked old back in the 50s/early 60s.”

Kim Aliff

“I remember the little hallway behind the gym, how we used to play ‘fence’ tag, jump rope, and swing on the swings. I loved this school!”

Jason Shildwachter

“I was in the last class to come out in sixth grade. Best was the ‘gutter’ around the back of the school. A ‘gutter’ ball was a home run in kick ball. And the little hallway behind the stage.”

Kaye Browning

“I remember the little hallway behind the stage where we used to meet the boys for a kiss and sitting in the open windows and watching the boys at gym on the playground and Miss Steele and her white hair and her big smile — the iron lady and little Miss Murray who taught us French and study halls and spit balls and passing notes in study hall and many more happy memories.”

Jayne Ellen Bartish-Kacik

“I remember the ‘secret’ hallway behind the stage. I would love to go inside Central again.”

Cynthia Miller

“I loved the walkway around and above the gymnasium. One of my memories is climbing the rope from the gym floor up to the walkway.”

Jill Wohlever

“The band room in the basement.”

Shannyn Hanlon

“I was in the last fifth grade class. I remember jump roping in the hall and being asked to stop because the plaster was falling on the heads of the class below. I remember ghost stories, the old cloak room outside the classrooms, tall windows. It was a great school.”

Oma Magyary

“I have good memories. I graduated in 1954. There were about 64 in the graduating class. I have memories of Marion Steele. She kept us in line. I worked cleaning and painting lockers for two summers. I got 75 cents an hour. Too many memories to mention.”