My week in the news business

Maley Foster

Maley Foster

My name is Maley Foster and I am a junior at Firelands High School.

After high school, I’m hoping to attend Kent State University to study fashion journalism. I’ve had no experience in journalism prior to when I called the Lorain County Community Newspapers asking for a shadowing opportunity.

I had no idea what to expect besides a hectic office filled with journalists and reporters rushing to make deadlines and finding new stories. However, what I imagined in my head was not how it was in reality.

Yes, there were deadlines and people were working their hardest to make them but each journalist had their own responsibilities and knew what had to be done to accomplish it. While I was shadowing, I had the opportunities to sit in on Amherst and Wellington board of education meetings, see a reporter conduct an interview, meet mayor David Taylor of Amherst, visit the Spirit of ‘76 museum in Wellington, and see historical landmarks in Oberlin.

Along with these great experiences I had outside the office, I also was able to see how the Amherst, Oberlin, and Wellington newspapers are put together. I got tips on how to come up with interesting leads, and even edit pictures to fit whichever template is was chosen for the week’s paper.

Being able to learn and experience all of these aspects of journalism has made me more excited for my future as a journalist. I’d like to thank editor Jason Hawk and reporters Valerie Urbanik and Kelsey Leyva for showing me how everything is done, along with allowing me to attend different meetings, photo ops, and interviews.

Editor’s note: We rarely have shadowing opportunities due to our busy newsroom schedule but Maley made the week a lot of fun for our reporters and we wish her all the best!

Maley Foster Foster