Chief: PokeParents need to be vigilant

Amherst police chief Joseph Kucirek has posted this message on social media to parents of Pokemon Go players:

“The Amherst police department would like to remind or encourage parents to be aware of some common sense safety tips for the Pokemon Go craze, which is an interactive virtual app that uses GPS location of the players to hunt for Pokemon creatures while walking around communities.

“There is plenty of information on the Web for parents to research on how Pokemon Go works and the dangers associated with it. There have already been numerous incidents around the country. Please exercise your due diligence and educate yourself so you can then educate your kids to keep them safe. Especially since this game allows players to set a “lure mode,” intended to attract more Pokemon players to a specific location for a short period of time. When lure mode is active, other Pokemon Go players can be drawn to the physical location to capture more Pokemon characters.

“Please Google phrases like ‘Pokemon safety tips,’ ‘Pokemon dangers,’ etc.

“While the APD has already responded to a few trespassing/suspicious person calls that were associated to the Pokemon Go game, we felt it was necessary to make this post in hopes of minimizing more complaints, but mostly, to help make sure the youngsters playing the virtual game understand the dangers associated with it.

“Thank you and be safe!”