Outpouring of police support after Dallas massacre

The following was posted Tuesday by Amherst police chief Joseph Kucirek to his department’s Facebook page:

“As our hearts and prayers continue to be with the Dallas police department and the family of those officers who were senselessly murdered simply because of the color of their uniform, the Amherst police department would like to thank our community for the outpouring of support for not only us, but police officers in general.

“At 2 a.m., just hours after the Dallas incident, I received a random phone call from a citizen who wished to express their support and prayers for the APD, to the anonymous lady who placed a single yellow rose on the windshield of every police car in our parking lot, to the Freedom House Church who brought several members to the PD to pray in our lobby and brought donuts, to Dominos for the gift of pizzas, to Amherst Manor for all the cookies, to a citizen who brought in Kiedrowski donuts, to a citizen who dropped off coffee, filters and creamer, to an older gentleman who donated $100 which we will put toward one of our community programs… This is just a sample of those who have reached out to the APD after the Dallas incident.

“I cannot express enough how much community support means to the APD, or to any police department. As difficult as policing has become these days, we are grateful to serve this community with the utmost honor and pride and respect.

“Thank you citizens of Amherst for your support!”