Gold-panners try their luck

Grant Thompson, chief naturalist at the Lorain County Metro Parks, shows off an actual gold sample taken from the Vermilion River. He also led the instruction to those in attendance on how to pan and what to look for in the sediment.

Olivia Floyd, 11, of Elyria, tries her luck at finding gold.

Cara Reynolds, Blake Reynolds, and Brady Reynolds of Sarasota, Fla., all came a long way to find some gold.

Laurie Surman of Columbia Station points out a gold particle.

Haley Larizza, 10, of Vermilion, gives us a look in her pan.

Photos by Randy Meyers | Amherst News-Times

About 50 people turned out on a rainy Sunday to pan for gold in the Vermilion River at Mill Hollow. Millions of years worth of sediment and rock await those who pan in the river.