Park system asks for easement to build trails

By Jason Hawk -

Jim Ziemnik

Jim Ziemnik

The first steps were taken Monday by city council to extend Amherst park trails north toward Lorain.

A 4,600-foot-long pathway is planned to connect the Beaver Creek Reservation next to the Amherst police station on North Lake Street to the Holstein Reservation on Cooper Foster Park Road.

The project will include 10-foot-wide asphalt and boardwalk trails suitable for walking, cycling, and pushing strollers.

Jim Ziemnik, director of the Lorain County Metro Parks, said the trail would leap Rt. 2 at its eastbound ramps on Oak Point Road.

Council’s community development committee its approval for an easement over city property that would allow the two parks to be adjoined. Further votes will be needed in regular session.

That addresses the first phase of Ziemnik’s plans.

The second, for which there is no timeline at the moment, would include stretching the paths north over other land the park system owns.

That would include a 12-acre parcel owned by the owner of Fox Creek Golf Course. The Metro Parks acquired that acreage at the end of 2015.

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Jim Ziemnik Ziemnik

By Jason Hawk