Macs, Chromebooks coming in huge tech purchase

Staff Report

A new lease with Apple through 2021 will mean upgraded laptops for Amherst teachers next year.

Current MacBook Pros will be replaced with MacBook Airs, educational services director Michael Molnar said Monday in a report to the board of education.

“It was the right time after we worked with Apple as far as having the best price,” he said.

The older-model computers will be sold back for about $385 each, which will amount to roughly $100,000. That money will be used to cover the cost of more new equipment.

The lease also includes an additional 210 iPads for Harris Elementary School, which will mean enough tablet computers for every student in the building.

Molnar said he plans to add another 12 carts of Google-based Chromebook computers — that’s another 360 devices — at Steele High School where they’ll be available for use by students.

The purchasing all falls within the district’s technology budget approved for the year.

The total cost is $435,855 divided into five payments over five years.

Staff Report