We crunch precinct numbers to find where local allegiances lie

Ohio is with Kasich and Clinton… where does Amherst stand?

By Jason Hawk - jhawk@civitasmedia.com

John Kasich found a sweep Tuesday in his home state of Ohio, out-performing both presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton at the polls.

The governor garnered 953,846 ballots (46.8 percent) in his party’s Ohio primary though he fell far behind in the key battleground states of Florida and North Carolina. He also tanked in Illinois and Missouri.

Trump was next in line on the night with 726,769 votes — Texas Sen. Ted Cruz barely managed to capture a quarter of that support.

And Florida Sen. Marco Rubio couldn’t even take his own state, losing to Trump by 440,000 votes. He tearfully bowed out of the race.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, fended off Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders by a modest margin in Ohio balloting.

She took the primary nod with 676,597 ballots (56.5 percent) to Sanders’ 511,903 in the two-way Democratic primary battle.

Sanders, who won Michigan the prior week, also found defeat in Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, or Missouri.

That’s the big picture, but here’s a small question that matters: How did Amherst vote?

So often a bellwether city, Amherst voters fell roughly in line with state totals.

Historically, our town’s leanings have been a good indicator of how the nation will swing in presidential election years as well.

That seems unlikely, given Amherst support for Kasich this time around. The governor took 2,229 votes in the Republican primary while Trump — whose signs dominated public areas in front of polling locations Tuesday — trailed with 1,686.

Cruz nabbed just 561 ballots here while Rubio limped in with 159.

On the Democratic side, Clinton picked up 994 Amherst votes to Sanders’ 844.

Roque De La Fuente, a California real estate tycoon whose jump into the presidential race was largely couched as a protest of Trump, found only 24 votes.

The presidential election wasn’t the only one of national significance in town.

Oberlin teacher Janet Garrett found overwhelming Amherst support in the Democratic race for the 4th Congressional District, besting nearest opponent Daniel Johnson by a more-than two-to-one showing. Norbert Dennerll Jr. was third in the House race with just 139 city votes.

Incumbent Rob Portman was the undisputed Amherst choice in the Republican U.S. Senate primary. He garnered 1,632 votes to challenger Don Elijah Eckhart’s 320.

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Ohio is with Kasich and Clinton… where does Amherst stand?

By Jason Hawk