Final approval given for 2nd Taco Bell in Amherst

Staff Report

Taco Bell now has permission to build a second Amherst restaurant, provided it files some last remaining paperwork with city officials.

The planning commission voted 7-0 on Wednesday to give final approval for construction of a 2,000-square-foot fast food restaurant at the Deerfield Shopping Center.

Lee Star of Columbus, a spokesman for the company, said a patio has been added to the site plans.

He also pledged to meet the requests of Bramhall Engineering, which works on behalf of the city. They include filing a copy of a long-term maintenance agreement, working with Target to secure an access easement, and providing final details on compliance with sewer requirements.

Planning commission member Charlie Marty raised one other concern: “Hopefully your company can put some pressure on the Target people to maintain the access road going in,” he told Lee, complaining of potholes.

Target has announced its intention to mill down and repave its Cooper Foster Park Road entrance soon, possibly this spring, said Amherst building inspector David Macartney.

The new Taco Bell will be located just two miles from its sister location at Rt. 58 and Cooper Foster.

Its floor plan is a standard one with 20 parking spots outside. The restaurant will not have direct access from the road — only from the Deerfield parking area.

Staff Report