At game time, varsity stars will remember Drew

Jason Hawk | Amherst News-Times

David Moody, Camden Haslage, Johnny Matakovich, Hunter Parker, and Matt Lee smile in green and gold. They wore the Amherst colors Friday as a way to memorialize Drew Hayden, the young Comets sports fan who was killed by a passing motorist while sledding.

Matakovich wore a “Drew Hayden” shirt given to varsity basketball team members by athletic director Casey Wolf. “We’re all together. He was one of us. He’s with us,” Matakovich said when asked why wearing the T-shirt was important to him.

The football team will remember Hayden as “the future” of Amherst’s gridiron program, said Haslage. Drew’s fandom for the Comets is “motivating, sure to make us work harder,” he said.