BoE votes on orchestral, guidance hires

Anna Balmer

Joanne Carnabuci

Anna Balmer’s new job has some strings attached.

She was hired Monday to head Amherst’s new orchestra program, which will start with fifth grade instruction at Nord Middle School.

In coming years she’ll build on that core, ultimately launching a full-fledged orchestra at Steele High School in addition to the award-winning Marching Comets program.

Balmer, who hails from Perrysburg, taught music the past three years at the Fremont Schools.

She was chosen to spearhead the Amherst endeavor after three rounds of interviews involving a very strong pool of candidates.

The board also hired Joanne Carnabuci as a new guidance counselor at Amherst Junior High and Nord Middle schools.

“She said Amherst has been her first choice from the get-go,” said principal Ryan Coleman.

Carnabuci taught seventh grade science and social studies for six years at the Brunswick Schools.

“This is a dream opportunity. I’m overwhelmed,” she said, holding back tears. “This is what I was born to do.”