PHOTOS: Girls XC sets new record at Jeep Jam 3

Photos by Jason Hawk and Joseph Colon | Amherst News-Times

How many high-schoolers can fit inside a Jeep Grand Cherokee with the doors and windows shut? We found out Sunday at the 3rd Annual Jeep Jam at Sliman’s Sales & Service on Rt. 58, Amherst. Comets sports teams, musicians, and clubs competed for $4,300 in prize money put up by the Jeep, Dodge, and Chrysler dealership. Teams took turns contorting their bodies in strange shapes, squeezing as tightly as possible into the SUVs. Girls cross country runners set a new record, fitting 35 bodies inside. Cheerleaders weren’t far behind with 34, track had 33, and swimmers crammed 29. Rounding out the top five was the MLS Theatre Company with 28.