Magician offers to save city with a wave of the wand

Photos by Jason Hawk | Amherst News-Times The “mayor” of Amherst (a volunteer pulled from the audience) helps magician Gordon Russ solve city cash flow problems.

That hero of heroes, strongest of them all, Super Bear leaps to the rescue!

The Main Street Community Center on Park Avenue was packed to overflowing with children enjoying a magic show as part of the Amherst Public Library’s summer reading program.

Villain Dirk Dastardly tries to foil magician Gordon Russ’ plans.

With respect to city treasurer Richard Ramsey, maybe it’s time to let magician Gordon Russ take a crack at Amherst’s money troubles.

With the help of some young volunteers Thursday, the illusionist pulled dollar after silver dollar from a seemingly-empty bucket. The goal, he joked to the scores of kids gathered at the Main Street Community Center, was to make $1 million to help with the city budget.

We contacted real-life mayor David Taylor for comment: “I think it’s a great idea and we can sure use it,” he said of the magic money.

Kids playing the role of mayor, police chief, and school principal also helped Russ summon the heroic Super Bear to help watch over Amherst.

The event was sponsored by the Amherst Public Library as part of its summer reading program.