Report: Shooting threat de-escalated

A murder-suicide scare led a Pearl Street woman to seek protection from Amherst police on May 30.

The woman told investigators she was afraid of her 30-year-old son, a former heroin addict living with her the past seven months since going clean.

According to a police report, the son confided to an ex-girlfriend in Elyria that he planned to shoot his mother, then turn the gun on himself. The ex-girlfriend called the mother and warned her to get out of the Pearl Street house.

The mother told officers that her son has threatened in the past to take his own life and had been drinking a lot lately.

When she mobilized to enforce a June 1 deadline for the son to move out of the home, he became verbally abusive, the report said.

Police met the son outside the residence. They said he admitted that his mother “is the only reason he is alive today” and that he did not wish to hurt her or cause her grief.

The ex-girlfriend lied about the murder-suicide threat, he told officers.

The son told police he planned to buy a bus ticket to Florida. The mother was advised to contact the county civil court regarding the matter.

No charges were filed.