Semi incident darkens Steele High

Courtesy photo

Power was knocked out for several hours Monday at Amherst Steele High School after a semi truck making a delivery got tangled in wires and pulled down a utility pole. “We believe that the WOW cable, the new cable system, was too low and caught the top of the semi,” said Chuck Grimmett, district building and grounds supervisor.

The pole crashed in splinters on Washington Avenue and lines were draped over parked cars. Electric service was restored fairly quickly to Powers Elementary School across the street, but phone and Internet service was down district-wide because it operates from a hub at the high school.

Teachers took the problem in stride. “School is in session and all is well!” tweeted interim principal Joe Tellier. “Pizza and cold cuts will be served. Some classes are going outside as Mother Nature is luckily cooperating!”

“Love that learning did not miss a beat! Learning like 100 years ago,” he tweeted later. “Power outage can’t stop Steele.”