Treasurer asks for new office position to be created

By Jason Hawk -

A request to create a new part-time income tax office job is under consideration by Amherst city council.

Treasurer Richard Ramsey said the workload in his office has increased due to changes in state law.

At the same time, he anticipates the retirement of deputy treasurer Karen Flynn within the next two years and wants to start searching for someone to step into her shoes.

“She does a great job, but we’re going to need to start thinking about the future and what we’re going to do to start replacing her,” Ramsey told the executive committee on Sept. 17.

The new job would pay $15 per hour and would not exceed 30 hours per week. It would be a non-union position.

“We’re not asking for any additional money. This is all money that we’ve planned for and put in the budget, so this is nothing that’s going to shake up the budget,” Ramsey said.

Council members Brian Dembinski and Chuck Winiarski noted that the proposed compensation package would start off with sick leave and vacation time, characterizing it as “generous.”

Ramsey said the language was taken verbatim from the deputy treasurer ordinance passed roughly 20 years ago. Mayor Mark Costilow asserted that municipal employees are guaranteed the proposed amount of sick time under state law.

Councilman Joe Miller, who chairs the committee, termed the suggested hourly rate as “not all that generous.”

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By Jason Hawk