Gears turning as candidacy deadline nears

Election season is approaching quickly.

Are you interested in running for office in Amherst Township, South Amherst, or the Amherst board of education?

The township has both a trustee seat and fiscal officer position up for vote on the November ballot. Howard Akin has pulled petitions seeking to retain his job as fiscal officer. David Urig and Ronald Yacobozzi have each pulled petitions to run for trustee.

South Amherst’s mayoral seat is open, as well as one village council position and a chair on the board of public affairs. No petitions have been pulled or filed with the board of elections for South Amherst.

The school board has two spots open. Rex Engle and Marc Zappa have filed to seek reelection for the open seats on the Amherst board of education.

There are also two seats open for the Firelands board of education.

Anyone interested in running for office has to live within the geographical boundary of the entity they wish to represent, collect a minimum of 25 registered voter signatures (and no more than 75), and pay a $30 filing fee.

The deadline to file is 4 p.m. on Aug. 5.

Valerie Urbanik can be reached at 440-988-2801 or on Twitter @ValUrbanik.