The Amherst News-Times and our sister papers in the area work to serve the needs of consumers. Matching businesses with local residents is important to us as we showcase the specials offered by local businesses, display inventory, and share information about services provided. From health care to auto-motive, from equipment sales to retail gifts and clothing… we are the connection for you. Advertising is available within the pages of our newspapers, online through our interactive websites, in monthly spe-cial sections, as well as quarterly and annual specialty products.

Our New Media Programs:

The Amherst News-Times has many products to help you reach out to our community through a variety of broad reaching programs like banner ads, and contests, to more targeted options like QR codes, email, and mobile. Our business directory services can be used as a website for your business, a mobile extension of your existing site, and/or as a tool to drive more customers to your site through SEO. We are always looking at ways to harness new technologies to help you find new ways to reach your customers.

Print Advertising:

Marketing your business through the pages of The Amherst News-Times works. Matching your print advertisements with online opportunities is a combination for success. Ask us about our special pro-grams that offer discounted rates for our contract customers. Sponsor ads are also available for pro-grams related to schools, sports and communities.

Insert Opportunities:

Preprinted inserts and we-prints are excellent ways to share your information with our readers. Cost-efficient pricing is available, and quotes can be provided for direct mail as well as we-print projects.

Placing Retail Ads:

To place ROP ads, inserts, online advertisements, digital campaigns or other retail print products, contact our advertising department:

. Advertising Sales Representative:

. Candace Matwijiw,, 440-346-1891

. Mandy Saluk,, 937-564-8005

Placing Classified Ads:

To place automotive, real estate, personal property, employment or other classified ads, please contact our classified department:

. Classified Sales Representatives:

. Pamela Cromer, 440-775-1611


Oberlin News-Tribune, The Amherst News-Times, The Wellington Enterprise – Monday 1 p.m. prior to Thursday publication

Lorain County Community Guide, Weds 3 p.m. prior to Monday publication

Additional deadlines available by calling your advertising representative