About Us

The Amherst News-Times has evolved in much the same way the community of Amherst has evolved over the years. The history of newspapers in Amherst goes back to the late 1880s when the North Amherst Reporter, a two-page paper with world news headlines, was printed and managed by Harvey Clock and his family.

Fred Avery purchased the paper in 1892 and renamed it the North Amherst Argus. When Avery sold the business back to Clock in 1900 the name reverted back to The North Amherst Reporter. The “North” was dropped from the title when North Amherst became Amherst in 1909.
Around 1914, a second newspaper, the Amherst News, was started by then-Amherst Mayor J. Smith and his business partner, Oscar Dunn. A year later they bought out the Amherst Reporter, merging the papers but retaining the name Amherst News.

The Amherst Times was created in 1917 by then-attorney William Miller and E.A. Little. Two years later, the Amherst Times merged with the Amherst News to become the Amherst News-Times. By 1944, the Amherst News-Times had an office at 242 Church Street and their circulation was around 750.

It was later sold to Mayo Wood a former Journal employee. He sold the News-Times to the Gazette publishing company in Bellevue in 1988. Brown Publishing purchased the News-Times and all the Gazette Publishing papers in 2006.

In 2012 the paper was purchased by a new media company, Civitas Media, operating from North Carolina.

In 2017, AIM Media Midwest bought all Civitas’ Ohio holdings, as well as a single newspaper in West Virginia.

Through the delivery of targeted news and advertising, the company strives to provide the highest quality subscriber and advertiser vehicles to our business customers and information consumers. CEO and president Michael Bush believes that “there are many opportunities for serving the local communities as we realize synergies from our combined strength.”
Today, the Amherst News-Times has a circulation of just under 1,500 households.